Newest release:

Embedded Profiler 1.2.3
Release notes
26. 1. 2015

Price & Buy

You can get Embedded Profiler licence for the following platforms:

  Operating System CPU C++ Compiler Price  
Linux 32-bits Intel x86 gcc 0 € Free
Windows 32-bits Intel x86 MinGW 0 € Free
Windows 32-bits Intel x86 MSVC 0 € Free
Android/BeagleBoard ARM Cortex-A5+ Android NDK gcc 49 € Buy
Linux 64-bits Intel x86-64 gcc 49 € Buy
Windows CE 5.0 Automotive Hitachi SH-4 MSVC or EVC 49 € Buy
Windows 64-bits Intel x86-64 MinGW 49 € Buy
Windows 64-bits Intel x86-64 MSVC 49 € Buy

If you buy Embedded Profiler, you will get free software updates for one year from the data of purchase. The price of free software updates for additional year is 19 €.

If you buy more than one Embedded Profiler, we have significant discounts.


Performance Optimization Services

The minimum allocation for our SW expert is one week with price started at 2400 €.


New platforms

We can port Embedded Profiler to almost any platform and hardware that supports CPU performance monitoring and function instrumentation.

If you are the first to request a new platform, we will offer to port Embedded Profiler at very convenient price!